Allstar Weekend's cover for their new album Suddenly Yours


Not at all to be confused with Vampire Weekend, Allstar Weekend is a pop group ready to leave their Disney name behind and rock on to the red carpet. This Cali band has worked to earn their spot in Hollywood, but is still pushing to move forward.

Three of the four members, Zachary Porter (vocals), Nathan Darmody (guitar) and Cameron Quiseng (bass) went to San Diego High School. Michael Martinez (drummer) however went to a rival school, but all were great friends. Their first big step was Disney’s Next Big Thing, competing with the name “Allstar,” and when they placed second to Johnie and Brookie. But soon after their loss, they signed with Hollywood Records.

On Sep. 19, 2010, the album Suddenly Yours was their first full-length album with 11 songs including their first singles, “A Different Side of Me” and “Dance Forever” and their latest “Come Down With Love.”

Though their beats are a bit studioized, their powerful voices and energetic lyrics have the power to take them to the top.  With a sound close to the Click Five, the band makes teens want to blast their radios and belt out. The clean lyrics are a pleasing sound for parents as well.

They may not be the next Backstreet Boys, but they don’t need to be. With a style all their own, Allstar Weekend proves themselves as true artist, writing original songs and putting out an album worth listening to.

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