From singing Christmas songs, to rapping, to all around performing, this band can do it all.

Allstar Weekend’s performance on, Dec. 11 at Celebration Town Center, was an outstanding combination of lights and sounds that was not only fun, but also free and perfect for the whole family.

Touring to promote their debut album, Suddenly Yours, ASW took a pit stop from their regular route, alongside Stephen Jerzak and Scene Aesthetic, to put on a small show for Radio Disney.

Up first was Kicking Daisies, winners of Disney’s Next Big Thing, who were a small band with a strong voice and sound. Next up was what most of the screaming teenagers, young girls and even toddlers were waiting for: Allstar Weekend.

As they took the stage, smiles came across their faces. Comfortable, warm clothes, rather than fancy, elaborate ones, covered their body.

Each had his own style of performing. Zach Porter, lead singer, “wowed” the crowd with his vocal range, harmonica playing talents and energetic moves throughout the show. The other members also had their own tricks up their sleeves.

First, guitarist Nathan Darmody got his own spotlight when Porter announced to the crowd he they would be performing B.O.B.’s hit “Magic.” Taking center stage, Darmody rapped every verse beautifully and with a little help of his band mates, perfected the chorus. Later on, Michael Martinez (drums) and Cameron Quiseng (bass) broke out, in the middle of one of their songs, to Drake’s first verse of “Forever” without missing a word.

The highlight of the event, at least to the females attending the show, was when Quiseng announced they were looking for a girl to bring on-stage. That lucky girl was seated in a chair while Porter serenaded her to their song “Amy,” getting on his knees and holding her hand.

Closing with “Dance Forever,” the band went out with a bang. As most girls jumped and screamed, the band walked off stage as they went on, smiling and full of energy. Their album is great but it does them no real justice, as seeing them live does.

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