Exasperated and desperate, Paul Conroy wakes up buried six feet underground, to find out his life may be over soon. Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal) stars as  Paul Conroy in his latest DVD release, Buried, R rated.

Set in 2006, Conroy is a truck driver sent to Iraq to deliver supplies to villages struck by the war. During a mission his convoy is attacked and he is the only remaining survivor; as a result, the terrorist group responsible for the attack on the convoy bury him in a coffin six feet underground with a cellphone (with limited battery), flashlight, a letter and a lighter. The only way out is to have the United States government pay $5 million and he must accomplish this before 9 p.m., giving him only 90 minutes.

The film is set in the box, there are no other sets. Reynolds’s acting is phenomenal and shows his ability to move away from the comedic roles he is known for. Reynolds’s desperation is emphasized through his grunts and yells that radiate to the viewer and make one feel just as exasperated. It goy to the point where I kept checking my phone battery to see if there is enough power left to receive those potentially life saving calls.

Director Rodrigo Cortes (The Contestant) does an outstanding job in portraying an innocent man stuck in a situation where no matter who he reaches out to, it seems as if no one can find the time or care enough to save him even though they say otherwise.

Buried is fantastic. It makes the viewers feel as if they were confined to the coffin as Conroy desperately struggles to save his life before time runs out.

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