With the click of a button or the stroke of a finger on a screen students are instantly connected to the Internet.

The special section of this issue encompasses trends affecting teens. Food trucks and thrift shopping have proven to be part of these trends and impact the community in a positive way. Food trucks are an up and coming market that has opened new doors for local business and also offer new tastes to the community.

The special section also features a story on celebrity influence and how this kind of influence affects students.

Celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, have had a profound influence on young people. Teenagers feel compelled to adjust their personal style according to their favorite celebrities.

In this age, young people have increasing accessibilty to information on the Internet. Readers should look to page 6 where two writers offer opposing views on the easy access of information over the Internet.

Media influence is fueled by technology, and in the modern day, access to this information has become almost instantaneous. It makes one apt to be more knowledgable, but the information found on the Internet can also be harmful.

Access to the Internet comes through multiple sources, ranging from cell phones to television screens; students can see the trends that begin in society.

Also in the campus and local section, a writer provides her view on body image and the way media affects it. This writer focuses on the access students have to media such as television and music and how it influences them to watch their figures. This writer also offers her opinion on whether these media influences are affecting teenagers positively.

Students can also see a positive entertainment influence in the community. The National Basketball Association has chosen Orlando as the location for the 2012 All-Star Game. The All Star weekend will be Feb. 24-26, and is projected to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to the local economy through hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

Trends affect students’ lives worldwide. From social networking to fashion, these trends are spreading throughout the community.

From this issue, students can hopefully take time to reflect on how these trends and the media affect them and whether it is for the better or for the worse.

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