Disneynature’s fourth documentary, Chimpanzee shows beautiful, monumental footage of the animals. Catching chimps on their home turf in Africa which can be a difficult task. Chimps are generally found living in dense jungle, do not prefer being surrounded by a camera crew and can easily run or climb off faster than they can be followed.

Directors Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield who also directed Disneynature’s Earth together create a visual and emotional masterpiece. Snaps to them for finding a way to comprehensively cover a group of chimps in the Tai Forest for a period of time long enough for a young chimp, Oscar, to grow and learn how to survive. Also, snaps to the wonderfully observant and skilled camera crew that brings the viewer in so close and shows how beautiful land untouched by man is.

However, the narration was awful. Tim Allen’s joking, corny comments made the amazing footage seem less significant and overlooked. There’s no need to make a joke about every funny thing a chimp does. In a sad moment Allen would jump in with a snarky comment that was inappropriate for the scene.

Chimpanzee begins with the survival and education of Oscar, the cutest thing one can imagine, as he learns how to fit in with 36 other chimps in his extended family. Oscar’s mother, Isha is supposed to nurse him until he’s about five, shows her son how to select berries, nuts and other nutritious foods.

The group, led by Freddy, is being opposed by rival chimp tribe for the nut groves, a land full of food that both tribe’s need for survival. The opposing tribe’s leader is Scar. After an attack by him and his “thugs” – as the narrator calls them- Oscar is an orphan at age two.

The rarity of the film’s footage is what makes it worth seeing. The camera crew got so close to these wild animals, showing viewers the dynamic of the group. 

Chimpanzee– 4 stars. Wonderful scenery makes movie worth seeing

MPAA Rating: G General Audiences Admitted

Running time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Opened: 4/20/2012

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