Steamclock Software’s latest release, Party Monster does not attempt to create a better music app for the iPhone, but rather an app focused on providing the perfect musical experience for any party or casual hangout.

The first thing noticeable about Party Monster is it’s simple interface. It displays a list of upcoming songs, and a small bar on the bottom offers two ways to add more songs. It’s emphasis on a less-is-more design philosophy is apparent.

Once the app is launched, music can be queued by tapping a plus sign or selecting a source playlist. The plus sign offers a way to quickly assemble a new queue with any of your songs by navigating by songs, playlists, artists or albums, in addition to search.

The app’s elegant’s gestures include being able to swipe right to play or pause the music and swipping left to clear a song from the queue. Holding down on a song allows listeners to adjust it’s position in the queue. In the options section, users can adjust the cross fading configuration which gives music a more professional sound than the stock music app. Thankfully, the refuse to play Nickelback feature is turned on by default, and the app will not play a song by Nickelback as long as the option is enabled.

Party Monster is a useful app, whether it is being used for music at a party or daily use. The app does not aim to replace the default music app, but comes close to it even without trying . Being able to save queues the user makes would help complete the app, but it is understandable that some minor features are not yet implemented.

Although the app is in it’s infancy on version 1.0.1, it is extremely polished. This app’s stellar execution and design complemented by subtle hints of the developers humor create an effective music app with a wide variety of uses.


Party Monster
Stars: 4 out of 5 stars
Cost: $1.99
Available on the app store for iPhone and iPad


By Thomas McDonald

Web Editor in Chief

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