1600 Penn offers a standard sitcom structure to the White House which is not often seen as a comedic environment. As for President Dale Gilchrest (Bill Pullman) he isn’t anywhere near as inept as your average sitcom father; after all he is the President.

Every sitcom needs a goofball of a character, and from the first episode it appears that all the classic male foolish acts (like throwing chairs and starting house fires) will be by Skip Gilchrest, who acquires a codename early in the series: Meatball. Skip ‘meatball’ Gilchrest is played by Josh Gad from Broadway’s The Book of Mormon.

As for Jenna Elfman (Friends with Benefits), who plays much more of the stereotypical sitcom mother, or in her case, stepmom. She constantly portrays the nurturing relationship with her accomplished stepdaughter. The other kids that round off the family are the little shy teenage girl and an over energized younger brother.

1600 Penn tried to keep the viewers on their feet in various ways; for example the older daughter is pregnant, unintentionally, and the younger girl has gotten her first crush, on another girl.

While 1600 Penn might not be the most original show on television, the plot will keep it around for seasons to come.

Monday night’s sneak preview proved the actors are perfect for their roles and the sheer comedic presence in each character was perfectly translated from the script to the screen.

The show will premiere on Jan. 10 on NBC.

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