Switching away from reality shows, MTV gives a new taste to late night talk shows with, Nikki & Sara Live.

Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are hosts of not only Nikki & Sara Live, but also a weekly comedy podcast set in Schaefer’s apartment. The podcast, better known as You Had To Be There, began in January 2011. Each podcasts features one comedian, one musician and a small audience of Glaser and Schaefer’s friends.

The series opened with Glaser and Schaefer behind a podium with a scene of New York behind them. Both hosts started right away with comedic jabs ranging from Justin Bieber’s latest Twitter incident with a fan to a play on words with the movie Mama, switching it to Llama; placing a llama within the movie trailer.

Glaser began performing comedy at the age of 18, even becoming a contestant on the NBC show, Last Comic Standing in 2003. Schaefer became known as the “head blogger,” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, earning her two Emmy’s.

The newsbanner with celebrity information and irrelevant news, such as “‘Gangster Squad’ could have been called ‘A Squad of Gangsters,’ but it’s not,” is entertaining.

Each episode, like the podcast, will have a special guest. Both Glaser and Schaefer sat behind a clear U-shaped podium with featured guest, Ke$ha. While asking questions here and there, the girls were comedic, but serious when needed. The series premiere allowed for Ke$ha to announce her own documentary series, My Crazy Beautiful Life, set to premiere on MTV in April.

Glaser and Schaefer have comedic skills that are sure to rise a chuckle or two.

The 411

Show Title: Nikki & Sara Live

Release date: 1/29/2013

Airs: Tuesdays, 11 p.m.

Ratingout of 5 stars

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