Nguyen Ha Dong’s Flappy Bird has swept the globe as the number one app on iTunes to date.

In Flappy Bird, the player is a bird who has to navigate through pipes to increase one’s score. One taps the screen repeatedly to keep the bird in flight and moving forward. If the bird hits a pipe or falls on the floor, the game is over.

Flappy Bird is a difficult game, yet very addictive. Once one starts to play it is hard to stop since the lifespan of every game is quick. Players describe the game as very frustrating and irritating because of the game’s difficulty.

This game is different than most. It takes a new approach by making the game insanely difficult and that is what draws in most users as it challenges one every time.

The game’s interface contributes to the overall feel of the game as it features Super Mario World type graphics.

Flappy Bird is extremely entertaining. It might not take much thought, but it definitely keeps one entertained. Flappy Bird is available free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones.

If one enjoys the difficult nature of Flabby Bird, then check out Nguyen Ha Dong’s other new games that are soaring up the top app lists.


The 411:

App: Flappy Bird

Release date: May 2013

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

By Ciara McCoy

Design editor. Saint Leo University c/o 2019 softball signee

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