STRIKE. Junior Chase Cassady led the team defensively with her pitching efforts.
STRIKE.  Junior Chase Cassady led the team defensively with her pitching efforts.
STRIKE. Junior Chase Cassady
leads the team defensively
with her pitching efforts.

The Lady Braves met for action on Wed., April 2 against Metro rival Timber Creek High School.  Both teams had a slow offensive start until Timber Creek hit an RBI in the top of the second bringing the score to 0-1.  Both the Timber Creek pitcher, Jane Doe, and our very own, junior Chase Cassady dominated the mounds and led each team’s defensive efforts to maintain the 0-1 score until the sixth inning.

The only way to adequately express the comeback that occurred in the sixth inning would be to compare it to the 2014 National Champsionship game.  Junior Ciara McCoy‘s single was like Kermit Whitfield’s 100-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter: a beacon of hope and an opportunity to triumph.  Her momentum continued with senior Kathleen Nelson who hit a double and put the Braves in scoring position.  The real game-changer, however, was when both Nelson and McCoy stole bases and added two points to the scoreboard.  The atmosphere was electric as each batter took the plate.  Teammates sat in the dugout calling out the war chant in support of every player.  After an RBI by freshman Kelsi Smith sends senior Leslie Cintolo home, the bases were loaded.  A ground hit by junior Kayleigh Shumsky forced Smith home which provided for the first out of the inning.  The bases remain loaded and the war chant increased in volume as junior Sara Galvis took the plate.  Galvis had a killer hit and an error by Timber Creek allowed for two additional runs to be scored.  The sixth inning finally came to a close with the scoreboard reading 5-1.

The first up-to-bat for Timber Creek hit the ball directly to first baseman Adriana Garip who caught it mid air and added the first out of the seventh inning.  Cassady then quickly closed the game by throwing six consecutive strikes.

With this win, the Lady Braves were named the East Metro Conference Champions.  Come support them as they travel to Cypress Creek

tomorrow at 4:30 P.M.

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