Tomorrow  National Record Store Day (trending on Twitter as #RSD14) will celebrate its eighth annual observance. Record stores all across Orlando will be celebrating in different ways.

The most popular record stores in Central Florida, including East West Music & More, Park Ave CD’s and Rock & Roll Heaven, will have special events. But be warned, these record stores will be packed on this day. Make sure to prepare for the weather because lines will wrap around the buildings.

1. East-West Music & More

East-West is located right down the street from Boone. Owners Roman and Hanna Skrobko have kept the store running for 43 years and look forward to celebrating their sixth observation of Record Store Day.

Location: 4895 S. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32806

Phone number: (407) 859-8991

Website: None, but one can ‘like’ East West Music & More on Facebook.

Sells: New and used CD’s and vinyl, posters, stickers, movies, limited selection of cardboard cut outs, Audio-Technica Turntable and memorabilia

Extras: Free poster of choice from bin of random posters with every purchase, free select stickers, working vintage soda machine

Special plans for Record Store Day: Three bands will perform acoustic sets and they will release special Record Store Day vinyl.

“There will be swag and there will be music. Bring money and a smile,” store owner Hanna Skrobko said.

2. Park Ave CD’s

Located on the corner of Corrine Drive and Winter Park Road, Park Ave CD’s is known for its live in-store shows and up-to-date releases of CDs and vinyl.   In celebration of Record Store Day, Park Ave will release special editions of vinyl among other things. To get a sneak peek of what will be sold specially for RSD, visit Park Ave’s Instagram.

Location: 2916 Corrine Dr., Orlando, FL 32803

Phone number: (407) 447-7275


Sells: New and used vinyl and CDs, Audio-Technica Turntable, movies, band T-shirts, store T-shirts, posters

Extras: Live performances, weekly newsletter, knick knacks, books

Special plans for Record Store Day: Releasing new music and rare vinyl, Blue Bird catering free cupcakes, raffles, discounts

3. Rock & Roll Heaven

Contrary to popular belief, Rock & Roll Heaven does not just sell Rock & Roll classics. As spacious as it is, there are three chambers of the store, each varying in music selection. One room holds modern-day music, the other rock and roll and the third has a mixture of movies and classics.

Location: 1814 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32804

Phone number: (407) 896-1952


Sells: New and used vinyl and CDs, movies, cardboard cut outs, stickers, posters, band T-shirts

Extras: Movie memorabilia, buys new and used vinyl

Special plans for Record Store Day: Releasing new music



By Elizabeth Gordon

I am the Editor-in-Chief of hilights and will be attending University of Central Florida in the fall.

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