WRITE THE RAINBOW. Spanish Club members selling styli for $1. photo/ Renee Burke
WRITE THE RAINBOW. Stylus available for $1 from any Spanish Club member.

To raise money for scholarships, the Spanish Club is selling styli for $1. 

“Since I am a senior and looking for scholarships, it helps motivate me to sell. Even if I don’t receive it, I’m still helping someone else,” Spanish Club president Delaney Knapp said.

With the transition to digital based learning and tablets with touch screen capability, a stylus allows a user to choose items on the screen without leaving fingerprints or hand oils. The styli come in a range of colors: red, orange, yellow, lime green,  forest green, blue, baby pink, hot pink, purple, black and silver, and can be purchased in Room 10-204 or from any Spanish Club member now through Sept. 30.

“We wanted to be in sync with the school and OCPS to support going digital,” Spanish Club sponsor Priscilla Carrera said.

The original idea for scholarships arose from the French Club holding a previous fundraiser with the same concept. After seeing the results and how it affected student’s lives, Carrera chose to initiate selling the styli to raise funds for Spanish Club scholarships. The total funds members raise dictates the scholarship amount. Carrera hopes to raise enough funds to offer a $750 or two $500 scholarships. Aside from the opportunity to earn a scholarship, club members will learn how to present themselves in a professional matter when advertising a product.

In addition to the stylus fundraiser, the Spanish Club plans to sell Chick-Fil-A calendars, too. 

By Tiffani Rasberry

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