yozwiak_roviraWhat are some of your goals for the school year?

To develop a further and stronger understanding of percussion. To prepare the students for their competition and their concerts.

What is one thing you look forward to this school year? I look forward to seeing where the students end up at the end of the year and seeing the progress they’ve made.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I’m relaxed and very easy-going and I expect my students to come in every day ready to improve. No day is a day wasted and we want to take advantage of every minute of class.

What college did you graduate from?

I went to the University of Massachusetts for my undergraduat. I majored in music performance. I had the same major for my master’s from University of Miami.

What made you choose that school?

I was inspired by my high school director, and was drawn by the professor who taught me the skills needed for my profession as well as the people and connections I made along the way.

Describe your high school experience.

I was a “Band-o” and was involved in practices and every musical event at school and tried to surround myself with a large variety of personalities.

What events led you to become a teacher?

I think it was the impact my music teachers had on me in my education and the desire to make the same kind of impact on my students.

Describe a typical Saturday morning?

There is no typical Saturday morning. Maybe a sort of marching band practice like prepping for the next competition. But, if I have the day off, I like to sleep in and see what kind of college football is on.

Describe some of your favourite hobbies

Outside of music, I enjoy and outdoor acts like boating, hiking, and really anything outdoors.

Describe the kind of relationship do you hope to have with your students

I hope to have a supportive relationship where I influence them in music and personally. I want them to understand that i’m someone they can come to for guidance or advice.

By Ariana Rovira

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