PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Junior Tatiana Izquierdo warms up before band class. photo/Kristen Collins

On Friday and Saturday, Feb 10-11, band students competed and received 84 Superior ratings at the District Solo and Ensemble.

Florida Bandstand Association hosted a two-day competition that allowed students to perform in front of nationally-acclaimed judges and family. Both individual and in solo, trio and quintets perform classical music pieces.

“For me, Solo and Ensemble gives an opportunity for band students to take time on your own to improve your skills and play more challenging things than you have before,” sophomore Erin Fox said. “The hardest part of performing is controlling your nerves in front of the judge. It’s scary that your qualification to the next level is based solely on one performance, but that’s also the fun of it.”

Involvement for students is not mandatory, though band director Joshua S. Jackson encourages it.

Students must choose a piece from a pre-approved list, prepare on their own time and find a personal pianist to practice alongside.

“I had to practice for an hour each day for three months straight to make sure my piece was perfect,” Fox said. “Walking outside the room after performing is amazing because you know that all your hard work and long hours have paid off.”

After the performance, judges rank the musicians as either a Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor, depending on the level of difficulty. Those who receive superiors with 5 or higher rating, qualify for State Solo and Ensemble in March.

Superior Recipients

Zach Dobbins and Daniel Mentzer -Tuba/Euph Duet*

Adam Labovitz-Alto Sax Solo*

Daniel Mentzer-Tuba Solo*

Camilla Horne-Flute Solo

Zach Dobbins, Brian Wallace, Daniel Mentzer, Aidan Keating -Tuba Quartet*

Vaughan Harris, Garrett McCormick, Morgan Meese, Stephanie Stoll-Sax Quartet*

Morgan Meese-Alto Sax Solo*

Erin Fox-Piccolo Solo*

Erin Fox-Flute Solo*

Anjali Shinde-Flute Solo*

Marisabel Carrasquillo-Clarinet Solo

Chesley Chan-Clarinet Solo

Daniel Irwin, Tyler Haley, Donald Taylor, Adam Labovitz-Sax Quartet*

Ian Anderson, Chasity Maynard, Joshua Taylor-Trumpet Trio*

Lydia Mentzer-Horn Solo Chesley Chan, Garrett McCormick, Anjali Shinde-Woodwind Trio*

Garrett McCormick-Bassoon Solo*

Wind Ensemble Woodwind Choir*

3rd Period Percussion Ensemble-Mozambique

4th Period Percussion Ensemble -Three Brothers*

4th Period Percussion Ensemble-Centralization

5th Period Percussion Ensemble-Toccata*

*Those events marked with an asterisk also qualify for State Solo and Ensemble in March.

Excellent Recipients

Chase Montgomery-Clarinet Solo

Madelyn Cardinal-Flute Solo

Milexis Prado-Flute Solo

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