HOME OF THE BRAVES. After the national anthem, the Lady Braves run toward the sidelines before the game begins. photo/Taylor Roberts

In a point for point game, the the Lady Braves lacrosse team (7-7) played the Lake Howell Silver Hawks on Monday, March 27, on the Reservation.

At the first draw, the Silver Hawks gained possession of the ball and continued on to make the first goal of the game, 0-1. The Silver Hawks then made the second goal of the game, 0-2.

Senior Morgan Chambers scored for the Lady Braves, 1-2; three minutes after Chambers scored, the Silver Hawks scored again, 1-3. Senior Emily Darr scored on Lake Howell, 2-3.

After junior Kara Gentry received the ball at the draw, the Silver Hawks stole the ball and attempted to score, but goalie Payton Johnson, sophomore, blocked the shot.

With an assist from freshman Lexi Pace, Darr scored on the Silver Hawks and brought the game to a tie, 3-3.The Silver Hawks broke the tie after scoring two points on the Lady Braves, 3-5. Before the end of the first half, junior Jessica Shutack scored, 4-5.

At halftime the Silver Hawks led, 4-5.

As the second half began junior Madeline Bogan made the first goal of the half, bringing the game to a tie one again, 5-5. The Silver Hawks broke the tie, 5-6. Shutack scored again creating another tie, but the Silver Hawks scored breaking the tie once again, 6-7.

After bringing the game back into a tie, senior Madalyn Benton scored for the Lady Braves breaking the tie, 8-7. However, the Silver Hawks scored again, 8-8. Both teams scored one point each and with an assist from Benton, Darr scored for the Lady Braves, 10-9.

With 30 seconds left on the clock, the Silver Hawks scored and ended the second half, 10-10. The game entered overtime and Chambers brought home the win for the Lady Braves with her goal on the Silver Hawks, 11-10.

The team will play the Wekiva Mustangs on the Reservation for senior night, March 30, at 7:30 p.m.

By Mary Grace Paris

I'm a senior at William R. Boone High School and I love yearbook. I am Index Editor of our fire publication. I enjoy people, places and things.

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