GET PUMPED. The boys huddle up before the big game. photo/Carston Carasella

On Tuesday, April 25, the baseball team (10-9) defeated the Winter Park Wildcats (16-9), 5-0.

At the top of the first, senior Howard Rodriguez caught an inside ball and landed a successful throw to first, getting the Wildcat’s batter out.  Following this, shortstop Christopher Jones caught another inside ball and threw to first for another out.  The top of the first ended with a successful outfield flyball catch from sophomore Clayton Powell.  At the bottom of the first inning, batters Jack Dixon, junior; Jones, senior; and Christian Amlong, junior, got out with a series of fly balls.  

The top of the second opened with Amlong catching a fly ball for the first out.  Following suit, a Wildcat batter struck out.  The top of the second wrapped up with freshman Marcus Vale’s successful catch of an infield ball which led to him tagging out a base runner.  Starting the bottom off strong, senior Jacob Burr hit a successful single landing him on first.  Senior Garrett Stillwell followed this with an unsuccessful bunt, resulting in the first out of the inning.  Rodriguez then hit a successful fly ball for a single.  Sophomore Caleb Hogan knocked back another flyball for a single, loading bases.  Unfortunately, Powell struck out for the innings second out.  Dixon followed this with a walk, bringing Burr home for the first point of the game.  Amlong ended up striking out, ending the bottom half of the inning.  

The top of the third inning provided a consistent back and forth action as both teams traded outs and singles.  After Amlong caught a flyball for the first out, the Wildcats managed to land a single.  However, senior Josias Ridley caught another fly ball, and then senior Noah Chevalier threw to Rodriguez, at third base, to tag out a Wildcat runner, bringing a close to the top of the third.  The boys managed to put more points on the board as Chevalier nailed a home run.  Amlong went out with a fly ball, and both Stillwell and Burr struck out.  

The top of the fourth proved uneventful for the Wildcats as they failed to put points on the board.  However, a series of successful runs came when both Hogan and Powell, sitting at third and second respectively, crossed home when Jones’ fly ball proved  successful.  Following this, Chevalier knocked back another fly ball, bringing Jones home.  Amlong struck out, bringing the bottom half to a close.  

After two uneventful innings from either side, the game ended at the end of the top of the second, as the Wildcats failed to place any points on the board.  

The boys’ next game is Thursday, April 27, against Colonial at 4 p.m. on the Reservation.     


By Carston Carasella

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