TALK IT OUT. On the mounds, seniors Jacob Shumsky and Noah Chevalier have a quick meeting. photo/Olivia Page

In their game against the Cypress Creek Bears on March 8, the baseball team came out victorious.

The first inning started slow, with both teams holding their defensive grounds. Sophomore Edgar Alvarez caught a fly ball for the first out. Senior Jacob Shumsky got the second out after striking out a batter and senior Garrett Stilwell tagged out the runner at first base for the third out.

The second inning resulted in another deadlock score of 0-0. Junior Jack Dixson hit a double and junior Austin Coble and sophomore Clayton Powell each hit two singles, resulting in loaded bases.  But, after an out at first, the loaded bases amounted to nothing.

In the third inning, the Braves took a lead. Dixon, Alvarez and senior Howard Rodriguez loaded the bases after their hits. After a full count, senior Noah Chevalier walked and brought Dixon home for the first run of the game.  Alvarez was called out after an attempt at stealing a base. However, junior Christian Amlong nearly hit the ball out of the park, bringing himself, and the remaining two runners, home, raising the score to 4-0.

In top of the fourth inning, the Bears tried to even the score. Cypress Creek players Heldon Ramos and Brian Herrera got their first two runs, making the score 4-2. At the bottom of the fourth, the Cypress Creek pitcher hit in the ear. After taking a small break he walked to first and eventually ran home. Stilwell drove the ball to left field for a homerun with an RBI (senior Chris Jones), enlarging the Brave’s lead, 7-2.

Another standoff occurred in the fifth inning, until Cypress Creek player Mikey Rosa ran home, 7-3, before Chevalier had a chance to tag him out.

The sixth inning was the highest scoring inning in the game. The Bears quickly made three runs, advancing their score, 7-6. After this incident, sophomore Ethan White replaced junior Caleb Cirio as pitcher. The Bears added one additional run, leveling out the score, 7-7. In retaliation, Dixson, Coble and senior Jacob Burr added runs, ending the game 10-7.

The boys play again Friday, March 10, at 4 p.m. They play the Bears at Cypress Creek.

By Bridget Hartig

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