Through perseverance, friendships and prayer, Dominick Orlando achieved his goal of being a valedictorian.

Orlando found guidance through his faith and relationship with God, turning to prayer in times of need or difficulty.

“I owe Jesus my life because of what he gave for me. He has blessed me with a mind capable of being motivated to be a valedictorian. But my grades and my leadership aren’t what defines me. I give God the glory in everything, he deserves it all,” Orlando said.

Orlando shared his beliefs with other students in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. As a captain he helped organize events on campus that exposed others to Christianity.

“FCA is the biggest area where I am able to openly share my beliefs,” Orlando said. “For me, [it is an opportunity] to invite other people and make others feel loved.”

Even though Orlando could not express his beliefs in other organizations he participated in, like National Honor Society, where he served as president, or in the anchor chair of Brave TV, he still worked to set a Christian example for others to see and follow.

Throughout high school, Orlando also participated in Math Club, track, volleyball and basketball. Through these clubs and teams, Orlando built relationships and received overwhelming support from the friends he made.

“[My biggest accomplishment was] forming more lasting relationships than I ever would’ve imagined I would. I am most proud of the friends I’ve made and the people I love,” Orlando said.

Orlando plans to attend The University of Central Florida in the fall.

By Madeline Bogan

hi! My name is Maddy Bogan and I go to Boone High school. I'm a staffer on Legend yearbook and on the Boone Lacrosse team. I work at the YMCA in child development and play with babies all day long! My hobbies include binge watching YouTube, and playing with my dachshunds Otto and Benson, the love of my lives.

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