While doing full-time dual enrollment at University of Central Florida, valedictorian Jordan Wilson took Business Calculus, her most difficult class, because of her interest in Business Entrepreneurship.

“[Business Calculus was also] my favorite class because it involved business, which is what I want to major in and it pushed me to work harder,” Wilson said.

Wilson studied everyday and took multiple practice exams before each test to maintain an A in Business Calculus.

“I believe it takes drive to want to make the absolute best grades that you possibly can,” Wilson said.

Wilson finds Sara Blakely, SPANX creator, inspiring because she’s the youngest self-made billionaire in America and an entrepreneur.

“Business Entrepreneurship [is my planned major] because I have always dreamt of owning several businesses and inventions,” Wilson said.

In addition to her UCF classes, Wilson also participated in cheerleading, Always Wear Your Seatbelt Club and National Honor Society.

“My biggest achievement is being on the varsity and competitive cheerleading team for three years,” Wilson said. “I was able to be apart of an incredible team and family. The varsity and competitive team is difficult to make and I always tried my best to contribute and develop my team. Cheerleading means so much to me because it gave me my best memories from high school.”

In Wilson’s spare time she enjoys going to the beach, wakeboarding, hunting and hanging out with family and friends.

“My greatest struggle was maintaining A’s while trying to have a social life. I always made sure I had my work done before I went out and socialized,” Wilson said. “If my work wasn’t done, I wouldn’t go.”

In eighth grade Wilson made it her goal to be a valedictorian, which kept her motivated throughout her high school years.

“I would not have been able to become a valedictorian without the constant support and love from my incredible family,” Wilson said.

Wilson plans on attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, to major in Business Entrepreneurship.

By Avery Tyndall

I am a junior on the yearbook staff and lacrosse team at Boone High School. People call me Ryan.

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