After countless hours of studying and solving practice problems for AP Physics and AP Biology, valedictorian Kiara Zambrana decided to major in Biology and Global Health.

“I’m thinking about becoming a doctor in the future and am interested in looking at health issues from a global perspective,” Zambrana said.

In high school, Zambrana took part in a variety of school activities including French Honor Society, French Club, HOSA health professionals, cross country, Girl Scouts, National Honor Society, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta and the Finance Magnet.

“My fondest memory is going to running camp in North Carolina with my cross country teammates. We have this run at the end of the camp where we have to push each other and encourage each other so we can get to the top together as a team,” Zambrana said.

Keeping a 4.0 grade point average, being involved in eight clubs and a sport, Zambrana struggled with procrastination and time management.

“I like challenging myself,” Zambrana said. “Whenever I would see any of my grades slip, that would push me to work harder in that class.”

Zambrana made time to enjoy the things she took interest in, such as reading, playing the piano, running and movies.

“My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast because I love Disney movies and see myself in Belle’s love for reading and desire for adventure,” Zambrana said.

Relating to her chosen major, Biology and Global Health, and future plans of becoming a doctor, if Zambrana could meet one person dead or alive she would meet Dr. Alice Stewart.

“It would be interesting to have a conversation with Dr. Alice Stewart on her research in epidemiology, public health and nuclear radiation,” Zambrana said.

Getting accepted to Duke University, Emory University and University of Pennsylvania, three of the nation’s top 20 colleges and universities, qualifies her as one of the school’s four OCPS’s Super Scholars. Zambrana plans on attending the University of Florida.

“It’s an amazing school with great opportunities for students like me who want to go into the medical field. Also, I get to room with one of my best friends so I think it will be a great experience,” Zambrana said.

By Charly Reynolds

I am a junior on Legend Yearbook staff at BHS. I play golf and tennis, and on my free time I am usually hanging out with my friends or at home watching my favorite Netflix shows, Drop Dead Diva, Grey's Anatomy, and Parks and Recreation. Also, I am obsessed with dogs.

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