As the summer draws closer, movie theatres across the country prepare to host a myriad of blockbuster movies.  Every major studio from Disney to Universal will have a horse in the race as hundreds of thousands of moviegoers rush to the nearest cinema for their most anticipated features.  Check out the top five biggest movies releasing this summer.  

  1. The Mummy

Release date: June 9

Since the last Mummy movie released back in 2008, fans of the series had long given up hope of ever seeing another film in the series.  Director Alex Kurtzman’s film will focus on the new cast of characters, with Tom Cruise playing the lead, and occurs in the modern era.  




  1. Baywatch

Release date: May 25

Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious series) spearheads the Baywatch cast in this reboot of the classic 80’s TV show.  The plot revolves around Mitch Buchannon’s (Johnson) team of raunchy and ridiculous lifeguards trying to thwart a massive criminal plot that threatens the bay.  Johnson’s supporting cast includes superstar Zac Efron (Matt Brody), Alexandra Daddario (Summer Quinn) and Priyanka Chopra (Victoria Leeds) acting as the group’s foil.


  1. Wonder Woman

Release date: June 2

In an effort to compete with the juggernaut, Marvel Studios, DC Comics begins expanding their film roster with the release of Wonder Woman.  Focusing on the origin story of the famed Greek superhero, Wonder Woman features performances from Gal Gadot (Batman v. Superman) and Chris Pine (Star Trek).  If the film produces lucrative returns at the box office, it will pave the way for the next wave of DC movies.  


  1. The Dark Tower

Release date: August 4

To say that a Dark Tower film was a long time coming is an understatement.  Rumoured to exist for over two decades, the film adaptation of Stephen King’s monumental book series finally found its director with Nikolaj Arcel back in 2015.  Starring acting legends such as Idris Elba (Prometheus) and Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar), the film will combine several of King’s book into one, telling the story of the Gunslinger Roland and his journey across multiple dimensions to stop the Man in Black and save a boy named Jake.   


     1. Dunkirk

Release date: July 21

After the critical and commercial success that Christopher Nolan’s last film, Interstellar, received, fans of his work eagerly awaited his next project.  The wait was not long, however, as in late 2016 the trailer was released for Nolan’s next film, Dunkirk.  Telling the story of the largest successful mass retreat in world history,  Dunkirk focuses on the Allied forces stranded on the beach, as well as several civilian groups who sailed from England to Dunkirk to aid in the evacuation.  The film stars Harry Styles in his acting debut, as well as Tom Hardy, a favorite of Nolan’s.

Summertime and movies go hand-in-hand.  With so many great films coming out in the next few months, it is almost impossible to see them all, but these five films should definitely have a spot on one’s radar.    


By Carston Carasella

Hey, my name's Carston, and I'm a second year staffer at BoonePubs. My motto is fake it 'till you make it, and I love the movie Big Trouble in Little China. I'd love to travel to Minorca because that's where my ancestors are from. Some of my hobbies include working at the always wonderful Panera Bread, and writing. My hidden talent is that I can play guitar, and I wishfully hope to one day become mayor of Portland.

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