REACH FOR THE SKY. Sophomore Jeremiah Folks prepares to set the ball. photo/Chasity Maynard

The boys volleyball team played the Harmony Longhorns (7-3) on Friday at 7 p.m. After three sets, each with a victory from the Braves, the boys concluded their season with a win.

In the first set, after the Longhorns scored a point, junior Brett Creel served an ace and scored the first point for the Braves. With several position changes on the court, the boys continued their success with players like juniors Liam Duffy and Douglas Page. By the end of the first set, the team racked up 25 points against Harmony’s 13 points.

“The team was able to stick together and communicate even with changes on the court,” Page said. “Even though there were changes on the court, it took some time for the team to get back into the groove.”

The boys started strong in the second set, scoring seven points before Harmony scored their first. This set ended quickly, but with a closer score, 25-18.

“The best part of the game [was] being able to play with every single player as one team and as one family,” Page said.

In the final third set, the Braves scored the first point, but the Longhorns made a comeback from the two previous sets and kept a steady lead throughout the set. After the boys caught up and scored one point over the Longhorns, 15-14, both teams alternated the lead. The Braves beat Harmony in the final set, 25-23.

This game ended the season with a record of 12-13.

“I was expecting to win and have the team play as one team rather than be apart. My expectations were met completely,” Page said. “Winning this last game felt great because it sets the team up well for the next season to come. It brought [up our morale] even though our record wasn’t great. It made us feel connected.”

By Shayna Eaton

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