According to the New York Times, adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than seven and a half hours each day on an electronic device.  But with the help of the following apps, students can make educational strides in that time.


Price: Free

Recommended for: Forgetful or busy students

myHomework is a virtual planner that allows students to keep track of assignments.  Adding new assignments is quick and easy to do with the simple design.  The student is able to keep track of completed assignments by checking them off as they are completed.  Students are also able to customize the app to their schedule.  Alerts can be set to remind students to get assignments done.  With today’s technology, there are even less excuses to forget assignments.


Price: Free

Recommended for: Foreign language students

Unlike other language learning apps, Duolingo allows students to learn the vocabulary and sentence structure of Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English  in the form of fun games.  These games are set to each students ability going into the app, so you’re always being challenged.  Also, Duolingo makes students set goals on how much time they wish to spend on the app per week, ensuring that they stick with their studies.

KhanKhan Academy

Price: Free

Recommended for: Students who need a little extra help

Khan Academy was founded to provide education for anyone eager to learn.  The workers at Khan Academy are dedicated intellectuals whose one goal is to help you succeed.  There are 4,200 videos on math, science, health science, history, finance and technology on the app that are easy to understand and increase a student’s understanding on the selected topic.  Videos can also be watched on their  Youtube channel and  website.


Price: Free

Recommended for: Any student with a vocabulary list.

Like the Khan Academy, Quizlet is devoted to providing free, easy access education to anyone who wants it.  Students who know how difficult high school can be developed the app.  Millions of students and teachers use Quizlet daily to quiz themselves on vocabulary.  The student simply adds any vocabulary or questions to the cards in the appropriate set with the corresponding definition or answer on the back.  Quizlet generates games and self checks that improve memorization based on the vocabulary and questions the user adds.



Recommended  for: Chemistry students

The periodic table can be intimidating for any chemistry student.  But with QuickElement, the student can simply click an element in one of the four different categorizations of the periodic table and have access to the properties including the mass, ionic charge, electron configuration and structure of that element.  Even if the user only knows the name of the element in question, he can easily find it  by scanning the alphabetical list.  This is a must have for anyone interested in or taking chemistry.

For more educational apps click on  iTunes App Store>Education.

By Alexis Buskirk

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