ONE-TWO. Freshman Jazmin Adlam receives the ball and passes to a teammate in two quick touches. photo/Cameron Toperzer
ONE-TWO. Freshman Jazmin Adlam receives the ball and passes to a teammate in two quick touches. photo/Cameron Toperzer

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, the girls soccer team beat Lake Howell, 3-1, to end their preseason undefeated.

For the most part, the girls dominated the first half with junior goalkeeper Sarah Aikens stopping the few shots taken against them. In the first quarter, junior Lindsey Jackson tried to take a shot off a cross early in the game, but the Lake Howell keeper made the save.

To begin the second quarter, senior defender Sorymer Lopez prevented a potentially dangerous counterattack at the half line. Shortly after, freshman Cynthia Bagozzi had two break aways, but both were stopped before she could shoot. Junior Jewell Gentry-Mickelson and sophomore Jazmin Adlam tried to work together with a cross and shot, but the Lake Howell goalkeeper stopped the ball before Adlam could receive it. Adlam took two back-to-back shots before Gentry-Mickelson scored to end the half 1-0.

After taking the kickoff for the second half, Gentry-Mickelson crossed the ball, but Lake Howell’s goalkeeper snatched the ball out of the air before anyone could get a head on it. Adlam later took a corner kick that was quickly cleared. Gentry-Mickelson followed with a shot inside the goal box, but the goalkeeper knocked it out of bounds for another corner kick. Juniors Olivia Page and Megan Pirino backed an attacker to the corner and gave up a corner kick, from which Lake Howell scored off of a header to tie the score 1-1. In response, Gentry Mickelson crossed the ball, and senior Kathryn Dingman scored off a deflection, ending the third quarter 2-1.

Gentry-Mickelson immediately began the last quarter with a cross from which freshman Megan Stearns scored, furthering their lead to 3-1. Lake Howell attempted to counter with a direct free kick 30 yards from the half-line, but Aikens easily made the save. Gentry-Mickelson crossed the ball to set up another goal, but Lake Howell’s defense cleared it before anyone could get a foot on it. Aikens made another save off a corner kick, ending the game 3-1.

The girls soccer team’s next game is after the four-day weekend on Oct. 27, 7:30 p.m., against Dr. Phillips at Dr. Phillips.

By Jessenia Jalca

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