WINNER WINNER. Juniors Jansen Anagnostics and Jack Roddick jump for joy as they win their first game. Juniors won 8-4 photo/Emily Fussell
WINNER WINNER. Juniors Jaxsen Anagnostis and Jack Reddeck jump for joy as they win their first game. Juniors won 8-4 photo/Emily Fussell

On Oct. 4, the Sophomore Class Council hosted the second annual kickball game. The tournament consisted of three games, each lasting approximately 30 minutes. 

In the first game, the juniors played the sophomores. Junior Carver Reeves started the game with a home run. Fielders such as Collin Kelly and Jaxsen Anagnostis kept sophomore kicks from going farther than first base. The game ended with the juniors beating the sophomores, 8-4, advancing them to the final round. 

The seniors played the freshman in the second match. Both teams kicked several pop flies the fielders caught before the runner made it to first base. The freshmen put up a tough fight, but seniors Tanner Woods, Matthew Barr and Lindsey Jackson all made it to home plate. The seniors won, 3-1, putting them in the final round.

The seniors played the juniors in the final match. Both teams put up a tough fight, reminding spectators of the previous year’s title game. The officials made several tough calls concerning the sliding rule put in place for safety.  Junior Jake Stewartson kicked a home run to put the juniors in the lead, but this lead did not last long. Senior Zachary Morales kicked a home run that allowed Lindsey Jackson to run into home as well. The fielders for both teams worked well together keeping runners from scoring in the following innings. Kickers from both teams put the ball high, which provided fielders an easy out. Senior Kelsi Smith kicked the winning home run for her team.

The excitement at the end of the game was real for the seniors. For the second year in a row the class of 2017 won the kickball game – this time without resorting to a rock, paper, scissors competition.

By Kyla McCrary

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