GET DOWN. American Rock band My Jerusalem plays through their opening act.
GET DOWN. American Rock band My Jerusalem plays through their opening act. photo/Carston Carasella

New Wave took center stage on Oct. 19 as the Psychedelic Furs, known for their massive hit “Pretty in Pink,” performed at the Plaza Live for the last leg of their 2016 U.S. tour. This was the first of four shows in Florida before the band heads to the West Coast.

My Jerusalem, an American Indie Rock band based in Austin, Texas, accompanied the Furs on their tour. The night started at 8 p.m. as My Jerusalem opened and played for around 45 minutes. While not as exciting as the Furs, My Jerusalem still managed to engage the crowd, especially when they played hits like “Shatter Together.” One highlight of their performance occurred when front man Jeff Klein got into the crowed and let some of the attendees help him finish their last song.

Around 9 p.m., the real show began as the Furs took the stage. Since the group began their career back in the late 70’s, it is easy to understand how their popularity may have died off in recent years. However, this was not the case as both younger, newer fans were evenly dispersed amongst the group’s die-hard audience. Lead singer Richard Butler, now in his sixties, still moved with grace and commanded his audience well.

Enormous applause and general revelry accompanied every song as the Furs ran through their greatest hits like “Love My Way,” “Heaven” and “Heartbreak Beat.” Standout performances came from Butler himself, and saxophonist Mars Williams who blended his own musical style into the Furs already layered sound. After playing “Heartbreak Beat” the group exited the stage, then came back for an encore, playing the iconic “Pretty in Pink” to close out the night.

While vocally the Psychedelic Furs showed their age, the overall performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Everything from their song choice to the instrumental skills of newer members like Williams and lead guitarist Rich Good worked in perfect harmony to produce a superb show. The fact that the Furs are a band from the New Wave era still touring shows their dedication to what they love and the showmanship displayed only further cements this.

The Highlights

Artist: The Psychedelic Furs

Genre: New Wave

Where: The Plaza Live

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Cost: $29.50


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