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Q&A with Young Democrats Vice President Sloan Waranch

What is the purpose of your club? To spread awareness and provide a place [for students] to speak freely about their political views.

Why are social issues important to the club? These issues affect people’s everyday lives and are important to society

Describe how club meetings work. Everyone can just talk about various issues. Our club is very open with no judgment to express open views.

Describe some activities your club is involved in. We volunteer at Hillary Clinton‘s office and we plan on having a debate with Young Republicans.

What is your club’s slogan? “Always moving forward.” Our social media manager came up with it and it shows our progressive platform.

How do you think your club affects campus? We have a place where people can talk openly about their views. Boone can be quite conservative and sometimes it is hard to say how you feel without being judged, so it is a place to openly express your views.

How do you wish to gain club involvement? We want to get more people at club meetings and speak about issues students feel strongly about. [We want] to start advertising on social media to appeal to the liberal population at Boone.


Q&A with Young Republicans Secretary Wesley Harris

What is the purpose of your club? To get people to think the same thing. We want to come together and discuss [political topics] and act out on what we think to put forth our ideas.

Describe how club meetings work. We start by setting the agenda and start having discussions. Sometimes we have guest speakers and talk about events we will be doing.

Describe some activities your club is involved in. We have a lot of members who volunteer with different campaigns. Students learn [about the electoral process] and get hours for community service. I have helped with [Senator] Dean Asher.

Where did the slogan on your shirt “unapologetically patriotic” come from? Our Vice President Rosa Cento came up with it. The purpose of it is to show as a club and as a party specifically, we are unwilling to hold back our beliefs. We are okay with people disagreeing with us but they should know where we stand on issues. 

How do you think your club affects campus? We do a lot of events, like calls for Donald Trump. [Students] see our shirts and know our club exists. Our organization and presence lets everyone know we are here.

How do you wish to gain club involvement? Just to get more members to agree with conservative aspects and beliefs and get people to agree with what we stand for.

By Jack Rummler

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