Roll it. Junior Cade Bhavsar pitches the ball.

Sophomore Class Council hosted the third annual kickball game on Oct. 2. The tournament consisted of three games, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

In the first game, the freshmen played against the seniors. The game started with a series of pop flies being caught before the respective runner could make it to first base. After several innings, senior Christian Amlong kicked a home run which allowed senior Adriana Ayala to run home. The seniors were ahead 2-0. Senior Jack Redick kicked a single, which put senior Lara Dusing across home base. The game ended with the seniors winning, 4-0, advancing them to the final round.

The juniors played the sophomores in the second match. The juniors took a quick lead when junior Austin Wendling kicked a double allowing junior Aoife Tobin to run home. In the following innings, both teams stopped the runners before first base. Wendling kicked a home run which allowed junior Madison McCoy and Reef Barrati to run home as well. The juniors won, 4-0, putting them in the final round.

The seniors and juniors played in the final match. Officials made a call early in the game requiring the kicking lineup to be boy, girl to assure every person kicked and the teams were not putting all of their strongest kickers first. Fielders for both teams played well together to ensure no one crossed home in the first several innings. Most runners were stopped at first base. After several innings with no points on the board, both teams worked harder to intensify the game. Junior Liam Miller kicked a triple. McCoy kicked a single down the first base line allowing Miller to cross home. The seniors attempted to put up points but were unable to get past second base. The officials allowed the seniors an extra round due to technicalities but junior fielders kept them from scoring. The juniors won the game 1-0.

With two game wins, the junior class won the kickball tournament.

By Kyla McCrary

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