Do or DIY: Valentines Day

In an attempt to give more than just candy or a drug store card one may find themselves lost on this corporate holiday, these DIYs offer a personal touch.

Do or DIY: Valentines DayA valentines felt envelope creates a new way to store gift cards and candy.


•Felt sheet


•Hot glue gun


•Old envelope



  1. Pull apart old envelope ensuring the pieces stay in tact.
  2. Trace the envelope template onto felt sheet.
  3. Cut along the lines.
  4. Fold over tabs and secure with hot glue.
  5. Fold bottom half meeting the top of the tabs.
  6. Secure with hot glue.
  7. Attach button to top with hot glue.
  8. Cut a clit in the top flap.

Ditch the traditional flowers with this lollipop bouquet.


• Foam sheet

• Hole punch

• Scissors

• Markers

• Lollipops (larger ones work best)


  1. Trace a heart onto the foam sheet.
  2. Repeat two more times.
  3. Cut out each heart.
  4. Punch a hole in the pointed end of each heart.
  5. Slide the hearts onto the lollipop stick making sure to overlap to create the flower look.
  6. Repeat as desired.

The difficulty of choosing an activity for you and your friends or significant other is eased with this date night box.


• Paper box

• Paint

• Paint brushes

• Popsicle sticks

• Markers

• Stickers (optional)


  1. Paint the box with color of your choice.
  2. Set aside to dry.
  3. Write activity ideas on Popsicle sticks (Ideas- go karting, skating, movie night).
  4. Repeat as desired.
  5. Once the box is dry decorate to liking.
  6. Fill with Popsicle sticks.

For the adventurous ones in your life, this candy tackle box gives a new take on sweets.


• Clear tackle box

• Cardstock

•Double sided tape

• Markers

• Various Valentine’s candy


  1. Fill each compartment with candy.
  2. Take the card stock and write a valentines note ( For my best catch, let’s tackle valentines day).
  3. Attach the card stock to the lid with double sided tape.




By Kyla McCrary

Hey! I'm Kyla McCrary, I am the editor in chief for Boone Pubs and a Boone cheerleader. I love to get lost in a good book and cry during cheesy movies. I get through the day with an abundant amount of candy and iced coffee.

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