George Couros in his book entitled, The Innovator’s Mindset defines “innovation as way of thinking that creates something new and better.” Notice he defines it as “a way of thinking – a way of considering concepts, processes and potential outcomes.” He goes on to say it is not “a thing, task, or even technology.

The “Five C’s” listed below represent strategies the Innovation Office will use to support the spread of innovation throughout district schools.

Collaboration – creating networks of learners across schools

Celebration – highlighting examples of innovation through social media and events

Championing – bringing ideas forward and advocating for resources and support

Consultancy – listening to ideas, providing input and connections to resources

Community – involving all stakeholder groups – students, parents, teachers, partners in Education

The current model for the Innovation Office is to serve as support to a learning community consisting of the designated “schools of innovation” and to serve in a consultancy role for other school stakeholders across the district. This dual function should be sustainable as the learning community continues to add schools.

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