Audubon Park K-8

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The Audubon Park School K8 has a strong focus on “change makers.” The goal of each teacher and student is to identify a community challenge. And then determine a viable solution. Students are encouraged to take action and put a plan in place to bring about positive change in the community.

Additionally, the school and student body are focused on clear and flawless math instruction. Solid planning and teaching, coupled with student accountability will lead to intelligent, confident and capable math students.

Trevor Honohan

Principal Trevor Honohan has been with OCPS since 1994. He taught elementary grades at Mollie Rae and Ivey Lane. He served as an assistant principal at Metro West Elementary for five years, and was the principal at Thornebrooke and Audubon Park elementary schools, and Glenridge Middle School. Trevor is also an adjunct at Rollins college. He currently teaches a course on Physical Education and Health. He has two children who are products of the OCPS, both graduates of Winter Park High School.