Be open, be calm, be flexible and ask for help – Episode 21

Poprocks demo with soda bottle and balloon

Flexibility and being a life-long learner helped Catherine Mohr pivot to distance learning when the novel COVID-19 forced school closures.

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Super Bowl and Final Four science showdown – Episode 20

Referee and students read a question in Science competition

“Try anything and everything to make lessons fun and engaging” is Justin MacDonald’s and Desiree Seigle’s motto. Listen to this episode to learn more about the competitions, PBL and relationships with colleagues.

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Engaging the community – Episode 19

Johnny's New House #wERise

Rooted in a love for their school, Jimmy and Amanda Jones wanted to help build a positive school culture. The two developed a social media campaign and, with administration’s consent, went to work on executing it. (Recorded Oct. 30, 2019)

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