Stone Lakes Elementary

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Stone Lakes Elementary was established in 2006 in the heart of the Avalon Community.  It has a history of success and has been recognized by the FLDOE as a School of Excellence. 

Stone Lakes ES supports over 700 students who are from various countries across the globe. In addition, Stone Lakes Elementary is an ASD Center School.  There are four self-contained classrooms that support students with autism; however, there are countless students with autism who are included (inclusion) with their general population of students. We are deemed as a demonstration school for students with autism. 

Our Innovation focus is  to enhance and impact all of our student’s lives, specifically our ASD students who often don’t have the same experiences as their non-disabled peers.  Inclusive education is the first step towards understanding people and the world around us.  As stated on the website, “Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity.  It is about intentionally planning for the success for all students. ” Our goal as a school is to make all planning for ALL of our students intentional in every aspect of our school experience.  We want each student attending Stone Lakes to be positively impacted by these inclusive environment. Stone Lakes Elementary has already been recognized as a stellar ASD school.

Please check out our Stone Lakes news story about Milo, a robot being used to teach students with autism.

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Principal Andrew Rollins, Ed. D., is a Florida native who grew up in Altamonte Springs. He attended Seminole State College and then UCF earning a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education as a member of the National Honor Society. He continued his studies partnership with UCF and earned a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and finally he attended NOVA Southeastern University where he obtained his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. His goal is that 20 years from now his students will look back and say, “Stone Lakes Elementary was one of the best experiences that I have ever had and I want my children to have that same experience.”