Windy Ridge K-8

Windy Ridge K-8 is a school with a strong academic heritage. Our school has been “A” rated for 17 consecutive years. We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere where students have the opportunity to learn through rigorous academic instruction coupled with strong support. An essential component of our success can be attributed to the significant level of support that we receive from our families and community. This relationship has proven to be an irreplaceable component of what makes our school special.
Diversity is another attribute that makes our school unique. Our student body is comprised of students from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. All students are welcomed and diversities are celebrated through a myriad of activities and initiatives which have strengthened the ties between the school and its families. As a result, Windy Ridge is considered by many to be the hub of the community.
Windy Ridge K-8 also has a robust special-needs program. Daily we strive to serve each student in an environment that is nurturing yet therapeutic. Our teachers maintain a strict focus on meeting the needs of each child, all in an effort to ensure that they are afforded a quality educational experience.
Windy Ridge is a school with unrivaled success. Through the combined efforts of teachers, administrators and the community the school has been able to achieve at high levels. With a clear focus on each student, we anticipate continued years of success!

Our Administration:


Picture of charles jackson

Charles Jackson

As Principal of Windy Ridge K-8, I believe in fostering an educational environment that meets the needs of all learners. My goal is to develop the minds of our students through rigorous academics, exposure to the arts, character development, and athletics programs. I am committed to helping our students become well-rounded citizens and contributors to our society.

Assistant Principal

Picture of Noreen F. Hoffman

Mrs. Hoffman

As an Assistant Principal and proud member of the Windy Ridge family, Mrs. Hoffman is a forward thinking educator who is experienced in meeting the needs of all students by fostering rigorous learning environments that address 21st Century skills. She is committed to transforming instruction so that Windy Ridge students will have access to superior, engaging lessons through curriculum planning and the thoughtful integration of technology. As a leader at Windy Ridge, Mrs. Hoffman holds herself accountable for all students to reach their highest potential.

Assistant Principal

Picture of Jacqueline Herrera

Ms. Jacqueline Herrera

As an Assistant Principal, Ms. Jacqueline Herrera establishes a school culture and educational program that promotes student learning. Additionally, she aims to promote staff professional growth and development, as well as teamwork and collaboration. She is also driven to work with parents and family members to support students with appropriate interventions to meet their needs.

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