Windy Ridge K-8

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Windy Ridge K-8 School has a strong academic heritage that has been “A” rated for 17 consecutive years.  WRK8 prides itself in creating an atmosphere where students have the opportunity to learn through rigorous academic instruction coupled with strong support.  An essential component of its success can be attributed to the significant level of support it receives from its families and community.  This relationship has proven to be an irreplaceable component of what makes the school special. 

Diversity is another attribute that makes Windy Ridge unique.  Its student body is comprised of students from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  All students are welcomed and diversities are celebrated through a myriad of activities and initiatives which have strengthened the ties between the school and its families.  As a result, Windy Ridge is considered by many to be the hub of the community. 

Windy Ridge K-8 also has a robust special-needs program that strives to serve each student in an environment that is nurturing, yet therapeutic.  The teachers maintain a strict focus on meeting the needs of each child, all in an effort to ensure they are afforded a quality educational experience. 

Windy Ridge is a school with unrivaled success.  Through the combined efforts of teachers, administrators and the community the school has been able to achieve at high levels.  With a clear focus on each student, it anticipates continued years of success! 

Headshot Principal Charles Jackson

Principal Charles Jackson believes in fostering an educational environment that meets the needs of all learners.  His goal is to develop the minds of students through rigorous academics, exposure to the arts, character development, and athletics programs. He is committed to helping WRK8 students become well-rounded citizens and contributors to our society.