Hillcrest Elementary

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Hillcrest Elementary, a premier foreign language academy, is a special place of learning for many students throughout the district. The diversity of the school’s environment, warm talented teachers, and caring parents, enables students to learn and soar to success through cultural connections. Students embrace the many engaging and challenging educational opportunities with much excitement and enthusiasm.

Hillcrest Elementary School is located in the historic Lake Eola Heights area of downtown Orlando. With beautiful brick streets and picturesque oak trees, it is distinguished by a friendly neighborhood and a supportive community. Hillcrest’s legacy dates back to the early 1920’s when it first opened its doors as a neighborhood school. Over the course of nearly a century, the school has undergone many dynamic changes, transforming from a bilingual center to a prominent foreign language magnet academy.

Today, Hillcrest Elementary continues committed to offering a rigorous curriculum with a focus on foreign language instruction and cultural awareness. The implementation of French and Spanish magnet academies provide students an opportunity to become immersed in their language of choice. Learning in this educationally unique and rich environment, prepares extraordinary “Hillcrest Heroes” to reach their fullest potential and ultimately succeed in today’s global society.

Headshot Ruth Ortega

Principal Ruth Ortega works collaboratively with key stakeholders and community members to support a safe and positive multi-cultural learning environment. She is dedicated and committed to ensuring the implementation of a rigorous curriculum that includes the study of foreign languages. She works to develop competency, proficiency and cultural awareness in VPK through fifth grade. Ms. Ortega strives to foster academic excellence, develop responsible global citizens and inspire “Hillcrest Heroes” to be lifelong learners.