Social Media Macbeth

fbtwitterNow that we have completed reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth, it’s time to update the play for the twenty-first century using one of the two most common social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

Each platform has its strengths. Facebook allows you to take a more in-depth look at a particular character from the play, while Twitter lends itself better to interactions among the characters and details of the plot.

To complete the project, follow these steps:

  • You may elect to complete the project alone or you may work with ONE partner.
  • Select one platform, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Facebook users must select a character from the play to highlight. You will complete a full Facebook profile for that character, including likes, friends, photos, other personal information, and interaction with a couple of other characters, using this Facebook Template.
  • Twitter users must select one act of the play to highlight. You will complete a Twitter profile for one character in the act, including Twitter handle and suggested users. You will also create logical hashtags related to actions and people in the act that can be used in the individual tweets and a series of tweets about the action, using this Twitter Template.
  • The templates were created in Microsoft Word and are easy to update, but be careful! Photos and other elements may move around if you’re not careful. Plan accordingly.
  • The best way to change pictures in your template is to save the picture you want to a folder or to your desktop. Right click the image you wish you change on the template and choose “Change Picture.” Navigate to your saved picture and select it, then click Insert. The new picture should replace the old one without changing the layout of the template.
  • Remember that the idea of the project is to reflect your knowledge of the play and its characters. Humor is encouraged!
  • Communicate changes and suggestions with your partner using Edmodo. Link your files to an Edmodo post at the end of each period so that your partner may continue to work if you are absent for any reason.

Your completed project should be uploaded to Edmodo by Friday, April 10.

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