Welcome Back!


Congratulations, seniors! Welcome to your last year of high school and your first step into life beyond Dr. Phillips. This year will go much faster than you expect and cost much more than you think it will, so save your pennies!

To prepare you for the college environment, your course is designed to emulate those expectations. The course syllabus may be accessed by clicking the appropriate link to the right. Assignments and papers will be submitted to Canvas, where they will also be marked and returned to you. The course calendar will be housed in Canvas as well. Additional resources, forms, and detailed explanations about assignments will be posted on this website.

AP Literature is designed to help you accomplish the following:
• see complexity
• find patterns
• recognize shifts in a passage
• make inferences based on the evidence available
• determine how form suits function
• connect seemingly small details to the meaning as a whole
• follow the relationship of diction’s influence on tone, and tone’s influence on mood
• appreciate point of view

English 4 Honors is designed to help you accomplish the following:
• read for information and enjoyment
• analyze and discuss essays, short stories, poetry, plays, and novels
• write for a variety of audiences
• select the proper form of writing to suit your function
• determine the veracity and suitability of evidence
• learn how to cite evidence using MLA format

To get the most out of this year, be prepared, be curious, ask questions, and enjoy. I’ll do my best to send you off in style—it’s your job to do the work to get there. Here’s to an excellent year!

Skills list courtesy of Brian Sztabnik (@TalksWTeachers), Miller Place High School

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