[flagallery gid=4 name=’All Shook Up’]Combining several jumbled quests for love, All Shook Up mixes the classics A Midnight Summer’s Dream (or She’s the Man) and Romeo and Juliet, adding a splash of Footloose.

The story arcs around the arrival of Chad, a “roustabout,” or day laborer, recently release from prison, who quickly and unknowingly wins the heart of Natalie, a mechanic, whose best friend Dennis is madly in love with her. But as Natalie tries to gain Chad’s attention, Chad falls for Miss Sandra, a museum caretaker. Simultaneously, Miss Sandra catches the eye of Natalie’s father, Jim Haller. As Jim confides in Sylvia, a friend and restaurant owner, she soon discovers feelings for him. Meanwhile, her daughter, Lorraine, finds love in the mayor’s son, Dean Hyde, despite the difference in social class. Amidst the drama, Mayor Matilda Hyde and Sheriff Earl attempt to regain control of the now-chaotic town. In an expression of Elvis Presley’s most famous songs, the entire town begins falling head over heels in love with each other to create a complicated love triangle.

The cast:

ChadSidney Roman, senior

NatalieSofia Deler, sophomore

DennisBryce Hayes, senior

Miss SandraEmma Ausen, senior

Jim HallerMalik Johnson, senior

SylviaOlivia Losch, junior

LorraineJaylynn Mangual, senior

Dean HydeClay Dixon, sophomore

Mayor Matilda HydeElizabeth Thornton, senior

Sheriff Earl – Ben Bogdan, sophomore

Despite its short preparation time of six weeks instead of the usually allotted two and a half months, students and teachers alike expect All Shook Up to entertain audiences.

“[I’m looking forward to] watching it,” Tiffany Claure, senior, said. “[It is] a professional show that is beyond high school level.”

The show runs Thursday, Feb. 23, through Saturday, Feb. 25, at 7 p.m. or Sunday, Feb. 26, at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $10 for entry and $20 for VIP.


What first inspired you to start acting?

I thought it would be a lot of fun.

How did you get started?

My first show was Into the Woods, but my parents forced me to drop it to play lacrosse. My first role was Orin Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors in eighth grade.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

As far as theatre is concerned, I feel that taking Songs for a New World to state and winning Critz’s Chorus at State are pretty cool. In general, my academic achievements are those that I’m most proud of.

Describe your goals.

I want to be President of the United States to make the world a better place.

What do you most enjoy about acting/singing?

How much fun it is to tell stories and to create memorable and dynamic moments.

What was your favorite role and why?

Either Benny in In the Heights or Gomez in The Addams Family. They were absolutely thrilling to play.

What did you enjoy about performing in All Shook Up?

Getting to bring Elvis’ music back to life in cool arrangements set to a pretty cool story. Oh, and the leather jacket is pretty cool.

What are your plans regarding Columbia? (i.e. majors/minors, activities, club involvement, etc.)

Majors: Economics, political science, or biophysics. Most importantly, though, I want to utilize the facilities and faculty to create a curriculum that will show me what I can do to put my passion for public policy to practice.

What are your plans after Columbia?

I’d like to attend law school, become a lawyer, then a senator, and then president. Pretty lofty goals, but I’m confident I’ll get there.


By Jessenia Jalca

I'm a senior and the design editor on the newspaper staff. I love God, and I love dogs.

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