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The Lady Braves soccer team (7-8-2) lost 0-2 to the Lake Nona Lions (13-2) on Friday.

From the start, the Lions played with full force and took the first shot of the game. Fortunately for the Braves, the ball bounced off the post and rolled out of bounds, which gave the team a chance to push up the field with a goal kick from sophomore Alexys Morton. A few minutes later, the Lions ended up in front of the Lady Braves goal. They took another shot and made the goal, 0-1.

In an attempt to recover, junior Cynthia Bagozzi made a cross to junior Taylor Wolfinger who attempted a shot, but it was denied and hit the post. Freshman Heidi Wicks obtained the ball after it hit the post and tried for another shot. Instead, the ball went out of bounds.

After the first half, the girls were trailing 0-1 to the Lions. Following a water break, the teams came back on to play. Junior Megan Stearns fouled a Lions player, who took a free kick. The Lady Braves defense was able to clear the ball out and push towards the Lions goal. The team’s offense tried to push through the Lions’ defense, but the girls could not. The Lions made a break down the field and another, making the score 0-2 before the end of the half.

The Lady Braves took more shots in the second half. Junior Emily Riggs took a free kick from just outside the box, Bagozzi received it and attempted a shot. They weren’t able to score because the Lions’ goalie deflected the ball. Bagozzi got another chance to make a goal when senior Catherine Demer made a cross to Bagozzi, who shot and the ball soared over the goal threw the field goal.

At the second water break, the score remained 0-2 with the Lions in the lead.

Neither team was able to score after the water break. They both played with same force but weren’t able to penetrate far enough to attempt to make a goal.

The Lady Braves soccer team will play the West Orange Warriors (6-6) on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on the Reservation.

By Molly Cooper

I am a Legend yearbook staffer. I enjoy listening to music, eating at Tijuana Flats and going to Universal.

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