GAME ON. Players cheer on their teammates on the field. photo/Tiffani Rasberry

On Tuesday, May 9, the baseball team (16-10) fell to the Lake Brantley Patriots (19-6), in the regional quarterfinals.

In the top of the first, Lake Brantley brought in four runs, taking a strong advantage right out of the gate. In the bottom of the first, the Braves did have the successful hits they needed, ending the inning 0-4.

In the top of the second, Lake Brantley brought in another run, 0-5. In the bottom of the second the Braves earned a run, 1-5.

In the top of the third, senior Jacob Burr made an out at first base. However, Lake Brantley brought in another run, 1-6. Later sophomore Clayton Powell threw to senior Noah Chevalier to get the third out. In the bottom of the third, junior Jack Dixson hit a double, soon after senior Christopher Jones hit a single and batted in Dixson, 2-6.

In the top of the fourth, the Braves held the Patriots. Then at bat, Burr hit a single. Jones hit a double into the right-center gap and stole third after the next batter. 

In the top of the fifth, Lake Brantley made another run, 2-7. At the bottom of the fifth the Braves could not produce the plays they needed.

In the top of the sixth, Lake Brantley scored another run, 2-8, and the bottom of the sixth was another uneventful inning for the Braves.

In the top of the seventh, sophomore Ethan White replaced pitcher Jacob Shumsky, senior. Soon after, a Lake Brantley player hit a home run, 2-9. Following the home run, the Patriots scored two more runs, bringing the score to 2-11. Coaches made another substitution with junior Caleb Ciro replacing White. Still in the top of the seventh, a Lake Brantley player hit another homerun bringing in two more runs, 2-13. Sophomore Caleb Hogan threw to Burr to make the third out. In the bottom of the seventh, Jones hit a single, which took Dixson to second. Right after, sophomore Edgar Alvarez hits a double bringing in Dixson and Jones.

The Braves fell to the Lake Brantley Patriots, 4-13, ending the season.

“I felt confident that we could come back and that we were still in the game,” said freshman Gavin Galy “[I felt like during the regional’s game we could have done better and that we could have put up a better fight.”

By Tiffani Rasberry

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