Living the dream – Episode 15

Lainie Clowers-Gwynne’s teaching methods stem from Dave Burgess’ quote, “Don’t just teach a lesson, create an experience,” and Ron Clark’s belief that teachers should make learning magical.

Students wearing ponchos
Forecast – 100% chance of rain

From raining in the classroom to making a lung model, Lainie and Katherine Owen use hands-on learning and create cross-curricular lessons to make learning memorable.

Listen to this episode to learn why educators should “walk the plank.”

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Preheating the grill
Humans versus Zombies science standards review
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“NASA astronaut” teaches space mission


Lainie Clowers Gwynne was the 2016 OCPS Teacher of the Year. For the past four years, she’s enjoyed being the science lab teacher at Dream Lake Elementary. In her 18 years of teaching, she also taught science at Apopka and Maitland middle schools. She received her BA degree in interdisciplinary sciences from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. In 2010, she was named Orange County Public School’s Middle School PRISM Science Teacher of the Year. In addition to teaching, she co-wrote a Literacy Design Collaborative Module, Voyager 1. After rigorous examination by the National LDC jurying team, the module was rated Exemplar and is published on the LDC website where it is used as a nationwide teaching resource. Follow her on Twitter @LainieClowers

Katherine “Kaley” Owen teaches fourth grade English Language Arts at Dream Lake Elementary.  She feels lucky to have had Lainie as a middle school science teacher. Now that she’s a colleague, she works to develop creative lessons that will ignite a fire for learning in her students. Check out her hands-on activities on her Twitter account @GrowinWithOwen.

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