You have something amazing to say; just start writing – Episode 32

Cover of book Lola Pitts' Green Eggs and Grits

This episode features three talented educators, who also happen to be published authors. Dionne Joseph, Kellee Moye and Whitney Norton share their love of reading and how they use their passion to inspire students.

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Giving thanks and understanding students’ needs – Episode 29

The holidays can be hard on anyone, but especially students whose families are struggling to satisfy life’s basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. Today’s guests offer insight into the lives of our students experiencing homelessness and they provide some helpful tips to consider when planning supports.

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Overcoming obstacles and finding solutions – Episode 28

Weird, what is this?

Listen to this episode to hear two teachers discuss how they are making meaningful connections.

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Taking care of the whole child – Episode 27

Tree mural at John Young ES

Listen to this episode to see why giving students a voice is important to their education and personal growth.

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Thinking outside the box – Episode 26

Student at home and teacher at school play music

From Nearpod to Flipgrid and even Webcam Peek-a-boo, listen to this episode to learn how they are engaging their students.

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Celebrating culture – Episode 25

Large group of students pose for a photo

Check out this episode to learn more about the Latinos in Action program and how it builds leaders within their school communities.

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Hollyhock: One heck of an experience – Episode 23

Group of fellows holding Hollyhock sign

Our guests are participants in the Hollyhock Fellowship and share what they’ve learned about improving equity and increasing student voice in their classrooms.

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Teaching with purpose – Episode 22

FLDOE Congratulates Rob Paschall headshot graphic

Paschall encourages educators to teach with a sense of purpose rather than with a sense of urgency. Listen to this episode to hear what makes him an outstanding educator.

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Be open, be calm, be flexible and ask for help – Episode 21

Poprocks demo with soda bottle and balloon

Flexibility and being a life-long learner helped Catherine Mohr pivot to distance learning when the novel COVID-19 forced school closures.

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Super Bowl and Final Four science showdown – Episode 20

Referee and students read a question in Science competition

“Try anything and everything to make lessons fun and engaging” is Justin MacDonald’s and Desiree Seigle’s motto. Listen to this episode to learn more about the competitions, PBL and relationships with colleagues.

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