Engaging the community – Episode 19

Johnny's New House #wERise

Rooted in a love for their school, Jimmy and Amanda Jones wanted to help build a positive school culture. The two developed a social media campaign and, with administration’s consent, went to work on executing it. (Recorded Oct. 30, 2019)

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The classrooms where it happens – Episode 18

Group of students cheering

These two teachers emphasize the value of Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Creating live history lessons, students learn the content. Listen to Will Ogle and Chris Barnett discuss their creation. (Recorded Oct. 23, 2019)

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Show me the money – teaching financial literacy – Episode 16

Coach yells to players

Loading students’ financial toolbox, Bill Daniel’s lessons have lifelong value.

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Living the dream – Episode 15

Lainie and Katherine

From raining in the classroom to making a lung model, Lainie and Katherine Owen use hands-on learning and create cross-curricular lessons to make learning memorable.

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Engineering classroom learning – Episode 13

Picture of train

Listen to the podcast to hear Karen Bilak and Denise Bustamante discuss their school’s unique qualities.

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Veteran teachers share longevity secret – Episode 12

Chartine and Tammi with Hungerford sign

As the district commemorates its 150 anniversary, Chartine and Tammi celebrate their combined 70 years of experience within OCPS.

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Teaching the code to problem solving – Episode 10

Priscilla Reyes accepts award

Kyle Dencker and Priscilla Reyes discuss the importance of mastering problem solving and how computer science helps students learn this valuable life skill.

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OCPS’ 2020 Teacher of the Year shares her intense focus on students with special needs – Episode 9

Acceptance speech

Learn why Melissa Pappas, the current Orange County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, chose to teach students who cannot advocate for themselves.

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Trying something new – Episode 7

Stay Puft Marshmallow

Sometimes it takes mixing things up to realize how versatile we can be. Listen to hear Jennifer Fontaine and Megan O’Dell discuss how their unique partnership helped them and their students learn and grow.

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Passion and purpose – Episode 6

Jeffery Redding headshot

Dr. Jeffery Redding, West Orange High School choral director, shares his passion for music and teaching.

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