The classrooms where it happens – Episode 18

Like teachers often do, Will Ogle and Chris Burnett began brainstorming creating a social studies simulation game that begins in 1492 to 2020. Will continues the project with his fifth graders at Avalon Elementary School.

Creating a daily newspaper the teachers document each day of learning. They use the paper to help the students remember past events and to help them make decisions in the “game.”

At the end of each day, the eight Avalon ES fifth-grade teachers bring all their students together to do an activity related to their learning. This is when historical events come alive.

Check out this overview of what it looks like

To get an inside look of what the students think and feel about their learning, follow ClassroomWhereItHappens on Instagram. It’s pretty powerful.

MEET THE GUESTS – (This episode taped Oct. 23, 2019)

Headshot of Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett

Chris Burnett teaches English Language Arts and history at Orlando Gifted Academy, where he earned their Teacher of the Year honor for this academic year (2019-20). He previously taught fourth and fifth grade at Avalon Elementary School for seven and six years, respectively. He graduated from Colonial High School and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in political science and history and a Master’s of Arts degree in Social Science Education. This past summer, Chris was a summer scholar at the National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture – Manifest Destiny Reconsidered at the University of Utah, and Teacher Fellow at The Separation of Powers Summer Teacher Institute at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center.  

Headshot of Will Ogle
Will Ogle

Will Ogle has taught fifth grade at Avalon Elementary School for the last 17 years. He is an English Language Arts teacher and one of eight fifth grade teachers who contributes to the ClassroomWhereItHappens Instagram feed. He graduated from the University of Central Florida and then taught at Ivey Lane Elementary for one year before transferring to Avalon ES. He earned a Master’s of Arts degree in Educational Curriculum Design from the University of New England.

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