Teaching with purpose – Episode 22

Screenshot of Rob Paschall talking in a Webex meeting.
Using Cisco Webex Meetings, Rob Paschall joins us to record this episode.

Not only is Rob Paschall the OCPS District Teacher of the Year, he is also a finalist for the Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year.

When you listen to this episode you’ll hear Rob discuss distance learning, social-emotional learning, classroom management as well as time management. Basically, you’ll hear what makes him an outstanding educator.

For example, rather than call the children in his class students, Rob prefers using the term “scholars.” He feels this better reflects what he expects from them since “scholars” expresses the desire for them to continue to learn and to impart their knowledge to others.

Rob Paschall talking to a reporter
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While Rob has been in and out of the classroom in a variety of roles, one of the reasons he enjoys having his own students is the ability to affect and see change at an immediate level. Seeing the “lightbulb” moments are what he loves and what makes him feel at home.

Knowing time is limited, Rob encourages educators to teach with a sense of purpose rather than with a sense of urgency.

“I’ve learned to be more purposeful in the classroom and more purposeful with my planning. What is it that my scholars need today? What are some interests that they have that I can bring into my instruction that can make that connection a little more purposefully, instead of urgently working through a scope and sequence, urgently working through a unit that students may not be able to make connections to. Instead, slowing down and making things more purposeful I ended up with more time on my hands.”

Currently the FLDOE Teacher of the Year Gala is postponed until August. Once we know the state results we will post on our social feeds and update this blogpost.


Rob Paschall teaches fifth-grade gifted scholars at West Creek Elementary School. Prior to serving at West Creek, Rob worked at Millennia Elementary School and Millennia Gardens Elementary School. In his 26 years of being an educator, he has also been an instructional coach and administrator. He also coordinates the school’s Safety Patrol program, facilitates the morning announcement program, sponsors the Battle of the Books Club, and serves as a member of the school’s Innovation Committee and as the teacher liaison for West Creek’s PTA. For close to 15 years, Rob continues to represent Florida educators by serving on multiple state assessment committees. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from The University of Florida and his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. Follow him on Twitter @RPaschall21

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