Hollyhock: One heck of an experience – Episode 23

SPEED DATING. Students in Emily Gonzalez’s history class work on an Enlightenment assignment “speed dating” style. This allowed students to collaborate and build working relationships.

Nationwide, nearly half of all teachers leave the classroom within five years. Stanford University’s Center to Support Excellence in Teaching created the Hollyhock Fellowship Program to encourage, support and connect early-career high school teachers. The two-year professional development supports early-career high school teachers to help them thrive and remain in the teaching profession.

Our guests are participants in the Hollyhock Fellowship and share what they’ve learned about improving equity and increasing student voice in their classrooms. They are from Cypress Creek and Colonial high schools, the first teams for Orange County.

Listen to hear how each guest learned more purposeful teaching techniques and how it affects their students and embraces innovation.

Teachers in their second to seventh year in the classroom, at schools with more than 50% free and reduced lunch, are eligible for the program. You need a team, so look for two to four other early-career teachers at your school who will make a two-year commitment. Applications open mid-October.

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ABOUT THE GUESTS – (This episode was recorded Oct. 30, 2019. You will hear reference to attending year two training at Stanford this summer; however, that has changed to virtual due to COVID-19.)

Roxi Bitere headshot

Rucasandra (Roxi) Bitere teaches English 1 and English 1 honors at Cypress Creek High School. She’s taught for three years and sponsors the Poetry Club. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Central Florida. Roxi is a proud Ravenclaw, writer, foodie and student advocate.

Emily Gonzalez headshot

Emily Gonzalez teaches AP World and European History at Cypress Creek High School. She has taught five years, the last three at CCHS. She is a member of the District Professional Learning Community team, the National Honor Society sponsor and has participated in two Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminars.

Katie Di Salvo headshot

Katharine (Katie) DiSalvo teaches of Biology, Biology Honors and AP Biology at Colonial High School. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Stonehill College (North Easton, MA) and a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida. She loves to travel, has visited 25 countries, speaks conversational Spanish and enjoys spending time with her horse.

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