SMASHING. Senior Matthew Workman warms up before the match against West Orange. photo/Carston Carasella

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the boys and girls tennis team continued their undefeated streak in a brutal match against the West Orange Warriors at home.

Senior Nicholas Alfert started the match with a 6-0 win for his line one set.  Another victory followed as senior Matthew Workman won his line two set 6-1.  Success continued as freshmen Robert McDonald and Brandon Bartos won their line three, 6-2, and four, 6-1, matches respectively.  Sophomore Colin Smith finished out the boys single matches on a high note with a 6-2 victory.

The girls’ singles match had a rough start as juniors Gracyn Lindborg and Grace McCarey lost their line one, 2-6, and line two, 0-6, sets.  A comeback came in the form of sophomore Kiara Rodriguez’s 6-3 line three victory.  Further success came with senior Amy Birmingham’s line four win, 6-3.  Junior Mia Murphy rounded out the girls’ singles strong with a 6-2 victory on line five.

Doubles proved less prosperous for the boys as Alfert and Workman lost a hard fought line one set, 4-6.  Bartos and McDonald turned things around when they won their line two set, 6-2. Over on the girls end things turned sour as McCarey and Lindborg lost their line one set 1-6.  Due to a lack of visibility, the rest of the girls doubles sets were postponed to a later date not yet decided. The boys closed out the game with a strong 6-1 victory over the Warriors.

Both teams meet back at the Reservation today, March 1, for a chance at defeating the University Cougars. 

By Carston Carasella

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