Relationships, reflection and planning for success – Episode 4

Meadow Woods Middle School display board of reflection
Meadow Woods MS DPLC display for showcase

In this episode, Amy London-Tauriello shares some thoughts on what makes an innovative teacher, tips on reflecting on one’s practice, classroom organization and preparing for a new year. To listen, click the play button above this post and/or subscribe to “Appetite for Instruction” on iTunes.

Since this podcast is focused on innovative teaching practices, we began our discussion asking Amy what she thinks makes an innovative teacher.

To her, innovation is taking what’s already available for OCPS teachers (curriculum resource materials) and adapting the standards based lessons to fit the needs of the students. This is best accomplished when a teacher knows and understands his/her students. By building relationships with students, teachers have a better ability to know where they are and can help move them toward mastery of the material.

The video below is the culmination of one principal’s yearlong efforts to build school community, culture and respect. Had she not garnered all three, it’s highly doubtful this video would exist. Check out the costumes, choreography and how EVERY student has a role.

Lipdub 2019

Aside from altering the CRMs to differentiate for one’s students, it’s also important to have an organized classroom. Having a place for everything helps students know where to find materials and school supplies, as well as where to submit work.

Pictures of drawers labeled
Everything has a place

For those who want to get an early start on planning for the new year, the Curriculum Resource Materials are available on the Instructional Management System using your OCPS login credentials. Also, the first two District Professional Learning Community courses are available on Canvas.

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Amy London-Tauriello is an ELA program specialist and is working on writing curriculum with the DPLC team. Previously, Amy taught middle and high school ELA.

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